A- MCCQE Part Two - 4 weeks
    B- MCCQE Part Two - 8 weeks
    C- MCCQE Part Two - 5 months

    Practice for your MCCQE Part 2 Clinical Exam Today!

    Practice MCCQE Part 2 for the next 8 weeks with this package.

    Each of our online MCCQE Part 2 OSCE approaches will teach you the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for actual MCCQE Part 2 OSCE exam.

    We have over 100+ OSCE approaches that will teach you every aspect of the OSCE exam including problems in the following medical areas:

    -Obstetrics and Gynecology
    -Preventive Medicine and Community Health
    -General medicine and health care

    Our detailed MCCQE Part 2 OSCE approaches have been carefully developed by medical experts and specialists from around Canada and will teach you the key concepts and knowledge needed for the actual exam.

    If you have questions, call us today at 1-866-207-7196 or email

    Note: Our site is NOT affiliated with the Medical Council of Canada or any Medical School. We are an independant exam preparation system and privately owned and operated.

    MCCQE Part 2 Exam
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